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Dear Mr Baca,

I am writing to ask a few questions about your poetry and childhood. Mr O’Brien (my English teacher) has told us some things about your life. My name is Joshua Alvarez Trivino, my family is from Ecuador, I go to a school called London Nautical School in Waterloo,London. Mr O’Brien told us about you but I thought you were like the other poets but once I heard all about your childhood, I knew you were different.

We learnt that you started life in an orphan. I don’t want to sound rude, but I’m interested in how you went on as an orphan. What was it like being an orphan? And after you was let free, how did you survive on the streets?

As you were an orphan, you mus have had no family but you must have been thinking about your family. In prison, did you think about your family? how does it affect you now because you’ve had no experience of having a family?

As you were arrested and sent to prison, you wanted to have some education, so why did you persuade the officers to give an education for literature? but the most important one: how did you manage to stay happy?

Once you were let free from prison, you most probably had no money, so how did you act once you was free? Did you go back to the streets?

Right now you’re a poet and you most likely have a wife and kids. But have you learnt anything from the past? And my final question, have your life been calmer ever since?

the poem I really like was ‘Immigrants in our land’ I really like this poem because it is talking about what’s inside a prison and what happens. But a sad thing about it is that all their stuff are taken away. The guards say that blacks are with blacks, poor whites with poor whites, natives with natives. The guards broke down their doors, beated them and shot them.

Joshua Alvarez Trivino


How does Sherman Alexie present the character of Junior as an outsider?

In ‘The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian’ Sherman Alexie expresses the character, Junior, as an outsider. Junior, the protagonist, is arguably the most important character, Sherman Alexie uses the character, Junior to express events which Sherman Alexie experienced himself when he was younger, and explore the meaning of being an outsider. Here are five major events;

One way that Junior is presented as an outsider is through his dual experienced of living and being raised at the Reservation whilst studying at Reardan. An example of this is when he is the only Indian who goes to an all white school. His friends in Reardan has gone to a few funerals but Junior has gone to more than ten. There is also another reason he is stuck between dual experiences of living his life is that when he goes to Reardan, he is called ‘Arnold’ but on the reservation, he is called ‘Junior’.

The idea of Junior being poor is because in page 56, he compare himself to a white person. It shows in a picture that he’s poor, he’s has ancestors that has Diabetes and Cancer and a garbage bag, for example a white person has a watch but he doesn’t  so he says as a joke that its ‘skin-thirty’. Junior says this because he cannot afford a watch rather than his fellow mates. Junior also says that quote because it makes the reader wonder about the character. This means he’s the odd one out to all his friends.

Another reason Sherman Alexie presented Junior as an outsider is in the second basketball match, this is one of the major events because Wellpnit used to be his old secondary school but when he left Wellpnit, he was unwanted in the Reservation and mostly no one liked him any more. It was the same at the second basketball match, his friend, Rowdy, didn’t want nothing to do with him also, Junior is thinking Rowdy wants to kill him if you look at his face. Junior never thought he would do this but he stop his friend scoring a goal and made him fly over his head and score.

Another major event in the book is when Junior went out with his new friends to a dance but when they went to the restaurant, he only had five bucks, but Junior’s friend saved his life because only five bucks in his perspective he only can buy pancakes of doom and syrup of regret also the butter of shame,  he started to throw up and his friend Roger gave him forty bucks, so he basically saved his life. That is how he is made an outsider.

the last major event in this book is when Sherman Alexie went to school with his sisters but in the book, Junior is alone going to an all white school. if the book did include his sisters, then the book wouldn’t be an outsider book, but as Sherman Alexie did it by himself, that means their can’t be more than one outsider that’s why he is an outsider. Their are moments in the book that Junior needs help but he can’t because  went to an all white school, until junior got friends by, punching a guy in the face because he was being racist, and by impressing girl.

For my conclusion, Sherman Alexie’s book ‘The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian’, help’s kids who are outsiders hope to do anything they can even though they are the only one doing it, and help them succeed just like Sherman Alexie did when he was a kid.



There was a God called Zeus, and his arch enemies called Hades. This all happened in rome. Zeus was attacked by Hades and Zeuses baby fell into earth and his name was called Herain.

He was grown as a human. But for real, he’s a god. When his parents told him the truth, he was amazed. He became a soldier and he married a wife called kerry II.

She got kidnapped by Hades and Herain got really mad. Hades let out a horde of disasters in the world. Herain trys to save the world, after a while, his love was killed while he was destroying Hades. Kerry II died forever.

He went to the under world, and try to get Kerry II’s spirit. When Herain got the spirit back to kerry II and he started to glow. He became a god. His wife was sad that she was gonna be alone again.

But Zeus let Kerry II become a goddess.

Autobiography Badge

My name is Joshua Alvarez Trivino, my family are from Ecuador but I was born in England on the 1st July 2004.

My life has been really tough but I’m getting used to it. I was very nervous at my first school, but I don’t really remember what happened all I remembered was that it was fun. I did a play for Christmas, I was a reindeer, I had many friends at my primary school called St. Jude C.E Primary School, they were all very nice. My sister called Kerry-Ann was older than me so I was the second to go, Through out my primary school life, I’ve had a up and down life.

I’ve had many fights and got told off. When i was in year one I started football at the age of 6. I went to a coach called Omar and I played my first football match. I was very proud of myself. When I was in year two I went Ecuador to meet my family over there. I became very sick and needed to stay at home from school. It was so bad that I needed to throw up every single time. A doctor had to be called in and something had to be put in my hand. When I fell asleep, my grandma took the thing out of my hand and it was really painful then i had to go back to England.

When I was in year three, I had a horrible accident and had to go to hospital. My tooth went through my lip. I was put to sleep and once I woke up I had something like strings up my lip. I was in hospital for 2 days and had to go home. I couldn’t go to school because of my injury.

When I came back to school, everyone was asking me “what happened”. I was very nervous when I went to school. When I had to get the strings out I needed to cut it and it was really painful. When I was in year five, I went to do trials at Arsenal football academy but instead of putting me in the academy, the put me on soccer schools( basically development course ). When it was time for trials for the academy I was very tired because I played 4-5 matches before that. I was really upset when they said come back again.

When I was in year six I started to go to Chelsea foundation and was really proud. Around the age I am now, I always got myself in trouble. I was really a bad boy. I learn’t that I had to behave.

When I`m at year 7, i was really shy of getting in London Nautical School. I love this school. I got to choose loads of classes because we were the lucky year 7. Last year was the 100th birthday of the school. I got an a earing and now I`m writing this autobiography.

I hope you liked my autobiography.

let me here about yours?

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